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Shoot in South Devon.

Saturday 25 October 2014.

We are pleased to offer an 80 bird day at a wonderful estate. The shooting is a mixture of wooded and open valley and produces some testing birds.

The prices for the above day are as follows:

For a six gun team £4150.00 and for an eight gun team £4350.00. Individual gun price is £680.00. There will only be a maximum of eight guns on the shoot.

Included in the price is accommodation the night before the shoot, three course dinner, breakfast and lunch on shoot day. The accommodation is in an early Victorian country house located near to the shoot. It has 14 bedrooms and a fully licensed restaurant.

Please contact us if you would like to vary the accommodation or meals, if you would like to bring your partner or if there is some other variation you would like. We can adjust the package to suit your needs. You can of course have a birds only day at a cost of £560.

For details of all of our events please see the Year Schedule page.

Please note:

In the unfortunate event that you are unable to attend one of your days this season or a day gets cancelled, we strongly advise that in addition to your normal shooting insurance as provided by BASC etc. that you have shoot cancellation insurance also. If you have to cancel a day Wings Sporting Agency will do its best to sell it on but this cannot be guaranteed.

The Country Sports Shop from Newton Abbot recently held an open day to showcase their Lincoln shotguns and Hull Cartridges at Ashcombe Shooting Ground. The day was a good success and considerable interest was shown in the Lincoln shotguns. For more details telephone Martin or Chris at their shop on 01626 367171 / 367097. They tell me a new range of guns will be available soon so watch this space.

Banking Support.

Considering the amount of income generated (1.6bn), employment opportunities (70,000 full time jobs) and conservation (two million hectares) that the shooting industry contributes to the UK we were surprised to receive this from a bank that we applied to open an account with.

“The bank has a policy of not providing financial services to certain sectors. Our restricted appetite covers those who manufacture, sell, purchase or use weapon related equipment or services. As your business is from that sector I am afraid we are unable to agree to your request for support”

The bank? - HSBC - I hope none of their management enjoy a day in the field during the season. UPDATE: Santander however are very helpful - if you have a problem - try them.