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William Downie.

William’s (aka Bill) journey with a shotgun began in the Devonshire countryside as a boy when the simple sporting pleasure of his younger years revolved around air rifles, Martini action single bores, ferrets and lurchers.

Since those days Bill’s passion for game shooting, conservation and the countryside has continued to evolve and his commitment to various Devon Shoots has resulted in a second place and a highly commended in the Purdy Awards and a first place in the region FWAG awards.

Bill’ general shooting experience has extended to the role of Shoot Captain for local syndicates and organising corporate clay and game shooting dates in later years. He has attended game shoots throughout the UK and has been fortunate enough to experience such estates as Bettw’s Hall, Kempton, Maesmawr, Milton’s, Northumberland Estates, Prescombe and Warter Priory.

A day in the field would not be complete without the company and challenge of working dogs. Springers, Cockers and Clumbers have all been a part of his life but the Springer will always be his first choice. A dog to keep you young and fit always.

Bill’s career has revolved around consultancy engineering where for many years his role has been to manage and develop key client relationships.

His main responsibility is to build up and maintain a strong clientele based around a trustworthy reputation.

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Bill, ever keen to avoid parking charges keeps the wheel off the yellow line.